Cliff's Super Days Worth

Part Number: CLIFF-6


The Super Days Worth is a triple layer box from Cliff’s Fly Boxes that allows you to hold a ton of different sized flies.  It is an especially effective fly box for those of you fly fishing for trout. The magnetic bottom holds the trout flies. The leaf has Cliff's time-tested slit blue foam to grip the big stuff like zonker flies, crayfish flies and any other large trout streamers you may want to bring along. The top is set up to handle dozens of your Humpies. Royal Wulffs, Elk Hair Caddis, Adams or any other trout dry flies you want to bring with you. This box will also take a beating. This fly box also make a great fly box for panfish flies. It will hold panfish wet flies and streamer flies as well as panfish poppers with ease.

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