Cliff's Days Worth Fly Box

Part Number: CLIFF-8


While the Days Worth from Cliff’s Fly Boxes continues to be the "go to" box for thousands of fly fishing anglers, fly anglers kept asking when they were going to build a bigger fly box. On our favorite trout rivers we (and lots of other anglers) have found that a two fly system is the most effective way to fly fish for trout. Most of the time the second fly is small (size 18-26). We needed a tough box that can effectively manage lots of small trout flies and large trout flies for those times when we aren't on our home trout streams. The Big Cliff fly box is the answer. The durable foam strips securely hold the large trout flies and small trout flies are held in place (even in big wind) on the magnetic base. Cliff's Fly Boxes was happy that Team USA used this box as their competition box at the 2001 World Fly Fishing Championships. Check one out for yourself. See why the Big Cliff fly box has been called the perfect "dry fly /dropper" fly box.

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