Aluminum Sea Eyes

Part Number: ALEYE


Aluminum Sea Eyes are a very good platform to add realistic eyes to a streamer pattern without adding lots of weight. They tie in like lead eyes giving you a very good platform to add adhesive backed eyes on. Eyes are an important key for predator fish to key in on their prey and large flies can get uncomfortably heavy to cast. these light weight aluminum eyes are the answer.

The Hareline 3D Holographic Eyes work great if you want to add a realistic eye. Glue them in place with Loctite Super Glue Gel.

Medium Size - Use 7/32" - 3.5mm 3D eyes or smaller
Large Size - Use 5/16" - 5.0mm 3D eyes or smaller
Extra Large - Use 3/8" - 6mm 3D eyes or smaller

Medium - 20 per pack
Large - 15 per pack
Extra Large - 10 per pack

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