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Echo Trout Fly Rod

Echo Trout Fly Rod
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Medium-Fast, Mid-Power Echo Fly Rod

Echo fly rods

Of all of the species we chase with fly rods, trout live in some of the most diverse environments and eat probably the widest range of food sizes. To help solve the problem of covering spring creeks to lakes and midges to streamers, Echo has developed the aptly name Trout rods. These light and comfortable rods each feature a unique and appropriate to size action to help make your trout angling in a wide range of situations as efficient as possible. The vast majority of trout are caught in a 30-50’ range, so it’s no coincidence the Echo Trout rods have a designed sweet spot in those distances. Occasionally you may need to reach out further or tuck casts in closer and there’s enough power and touch on hand to make each happen when needed. Echo’s Dual Zone Trout handle design allows for either a conventional grip or extended finger grip.

Echo Trout Fly Rod Models
TRT-484 4wt 4 8'4" Dual-Zone Trout 2.65 oz $349.99
TRT-490 4wt 4 9'0" Dual-Zone Trout 3.0 oz $349.99
TRT-590 5wt 4 9'0" Dual-Zone Trout 3.14 oz $349.99
TRT-690 6wt 4 9'0" Dual-Zone Trout 3.36 oz $349.99
TRT-696 6wt 4 9'6" Dual-Zone Trout 3.61 oz $349.99

All include fighting butts that can be screwed into the removable butt cap. 

  • Unique Reel Seat and Slider Ring
  • Handle shape to accommodate different grip styles
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency with the new Dual Zone handle
  • Each rod model features a unique action


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