RIO Fathom Full Sinking Fly Line SALE

Part Number: FATHOM
$49.97 (Reg. $89.99)

7wt 3ips
7wt 5ips
8wt 5ips
7wt 6ips

RIO’s new Fathom series of full sinking fly lines were designed and developed specifically for lake anglers. Offered in 4 different inches per second (ips) sink rates for precision and depth control in different situations. These full sinking lines load rods quickly and minimize the need for multiple false casts. Built with a supple core that won’t tangle as well as RIO’s density compensation for a straighter sink and improved feel/connection. Hang markers on these lines also give anglers who fish “the hang” an easily identified spot to stop stripping.

105' long in all sizes.

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