Regal INEX Fly Tying Vise

Part Number: FHC-0


Regal's INEX Fly Tying Vise features the same rotating vise head as the famous Regal Medallion Fly Tying Vise. The difference is the INEX has a fixed position stem so you can't change the angle of the vise head. If you only need to rotate the fly to tie things on the sides and bottom of the hook or you want to be able to look at other sides of the fly the INEX will handle it. This is a great fly tying vise for the beginning fly tier or if you want to add a separate vise to a travel kit too. You can also now use the other interchangeable Medallion heads and accessories too. The INEX vise comes with a c-clamp. This is a great economical fly tying vise.




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