Umpqua XS435 BN5X Bendback Hooks

Part Number: XS435


Umpqua XS435 BN5X fly tying hooks are designed with high performance saltwater fly fishing hook features and the unique bendback design for baitfish and shrimp.  Bendback fly fishing fly styles create a naturally weedless pattern that is great for species like snook, redfish, sea trout and more.  Makes a great freshwater baitfish fly for species like fly fishing bass as well.  Umpqua's BN5X finish (black nickel 5 times) is an incredible corrosion resistant finish, it's also super smooth for better hook sets.

Bendback. Straight eye. Strong. Forged Bend. Micro Barb. V-Lock Bend. BN5X.

#6-#1 20 per pack. #1/0 15 per pack. #2/0 12 per pack.

BN5X Finish – stands for “black nickel 5 times” meaning it provides extreme corrosion resistance along with an extremely smooth finish which improves hook penetration.

V-LOCK Bend – Umpqua's proprietary hook bend design that features an angular V shape bend that creates a "locking" angle once fish are hooked past the barb.

Caught many pickerel and bass using these hooks.
- Joe

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