Hatch Premium Braided Backing (Per Yard)



Hatch Premium Braided Backing Per Yard

Buy any length of Hatch Premium Braided Backing you prefer.  The quantity selected will be the per yard length.  Hatch Premium Braided Backing per yard will be spooled up and shipped on a recycled fly line spool.

Hatch Premium Braided Backing is as high quality of a backing as there is, period.  This fly fishing backing has the touch and feel of a Dacron backing combined with the diameter and strength of gel spun backing.  All of this comes together in a single 8 braid PE line that can be used in any fly fishing application.  Buy Hatch Premium Braided Backing for its increased abrasion resistance, superior breaking strength and ultra smooth surface.  Hatch Premium Braided Backing boasts a 68lb strength rating while being thinner than 20lb dacron and is made in Japan from 100% polyethylene microfibers.

Diameter: .015"
1m = 1.09 yards

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