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Fishpond Lost Trail Wading Staff
Fishpond Lost Trail Wading Staff
Fishpond Lost Trail Wading Staff
Fishpond Lost Trail Wading Staff
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Fishpond's Lost Trail Wading Staff features an easy to use design allowing it to conveniently stow in its sheath when not in use. More importantly though is the fact of how sturdy the Lost Trail Staff is. Wade and fish in slippery, rocky conditions with confidence. Besides staying upright and dry this staff will help you stay safe, especially when wandering some distance from the parking lot.


  • For general wading and hiking support
  • Made from lightweight and durable aluminum tubing
  • Folds down into three sections for easy carry and storage
  • Locking button secures the folding sections when pulled tight
  • Additional quick release adjustable locking mechanism for adjustable height
  • Interior durable twisted metal cord coated in a protective polytube
  • Lightweight cork and foam handle
  • Adjustable webbing strap with neoprene padding
  • Included rubber tip (removable)
  • Included wading staff pouch fits the staff perfectly when folded down
  • Pouch is made from thermoformed foam and ballistic nylon
  • Pouch is compatible with any wading belt up to 2” wide
  • Pouch includes a D-ring for attaching a retractor (not included)
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