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Senyo Laser Hair Dub

Senyo Laser Hair Dub
Senyo Laser Hair Dub
Senyo Laser Hair Dub
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Senyo Laser Dub is a .5" to 1" long fly tying dubbing made out of the same fibers as Senyo Laser Hair 4.0. There is a variety of ways to use Senyo Laser Hair Dub with one of our favorites being using it in a dubbing loop and winding it on then combing it out. Also try using it like wool. Put a bunch around the hook shank, tie it down in the middle, pack it tight and wrap thread in front of the pack. Add however many clumps you need. Tie it off and comb out the loose ends. It creates a nice looking tapered head. Senyo Laser Hair Dub is available in a ridiculously large wide variety of colors.


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