Hyper Flex Reaper Tails SALE

Part Number: HFRT
$2.97 (Reg. $4.95)

Hot Orange

Hyper Flex Reaper Tails from Cascade Crest are a new version of the Reaper Tail created by The Fly Fishers own Pat Ehlers. The original version of Reaper Tails are made of Ultrasuede and are what Pat uses in his Signature Series flies, the Grim Reaper and the Bonefish Reaper. The Hyper Flex version is a flexible, super strong that will add even more action to your flies. Based off of the great success of bass anglers plastic lures, Reaper Tails were a link to that family of lures but Hyper Flex makes everything even better. We won't stop using the Ultrasuede originals but Pat has been incorporating this new version into his original patterns and loving the results.

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Small - 8 per pack
Medium - 7 per pack
Large - 6 per pack

Customer Reviews for Hyper Flex Reaper Tails SALE

Great accessory tail for Reaper fly. You can try and make your own but these are quality and ready to go. Would purchase again.
- Antelopehunt
Fly Fishers Response: Thanks. When I came up with the Reaper patterns having the tails pre-made sure sped things up and made it easier.

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