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RIO Tropical GT Fly Line

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Product Number:RTGT
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One of the most exciting species to chase with a fly rod is the GT, Giant Trevally. We've caught them on Christmas Island and everything about this fish is exciting. From them chasing the fly, the crushing takes, extremely powerful fight and the way they can wreak havoc on your fly fishing gear, GTs rock.

You need a fly line that will make the casts you need to make as well as being tough enough to handle the fight and the harsh conditions. The RIO GT fly line has a very powerful frontaper to deliver the fly and works great todays powerful saltwater fly rods. The fly line has a super tough, extremely strong core that test at over #50 and resist getting cut on coral and rocks. This line also has a hard tropical coating to handle the heat of the tropics.

The 400gr and 475gr lines have #50 cores. In 2016 RIO increased the core strength of the 550gr GT line to 70lb.

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