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Scientific Anglers Knot 2 Kinky Wire Tippet SALE

Scientific Anglers Knot 2 Kinky Wire
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If you want to tie your own pike and muskie fly fishing leaders the Scientific Anglers Knot 2 Kinky Wire Tippet is a great product to tie the leaders with. This knot-able Nickel Titanium wire will not kink like other wire and can easily be tied on to a monofilament butt section with an Albright knot. You can then either tie your fly right to the wire or use a snap to make changing flies easy. You can easily make leaders up to 7.5' in length by using Maxima #40 tippet in whatever length you want and tie on 18" to 24" of the Scientific Anglers Knot 2 Kinky Wire Tippet to make a simple one knot leader. Add a Cross-Lok snap if you want to. Use a simple 3 wrap fishermans knot (unimproved) to tie on the snap.

Available in 3 sizes and comes in a 15' package:#25, #35, #55.

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