Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Fly Line SALE

Part Number: LINE-SAMTN
$49.97 (Reg. $79.95)


Fly Fishing Line for Large Saltwater Fish

The Scientific Anglers Mastery family of fly lines is one of the best, most versatile brands of saltwater fly line on the market. Regardless of where you plan to take your next fishing trip or what you plan to fish for, there is a Mastery series fly line for the job.

Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Fly Line Specs
WF-10-F 36.0’ / 11,0m 100.0’ / 30.5m 285gr / 18,5g
WF-11-F 36.0’ / 11,0m 100.0’ / 30.5m 340gr / 22,0g
WF-12-F 36.0’ / 11,0m 100.0’ / 30.5m 400gr / 25,9g
*Grain weight for the first 30'

Developed specifically for presenting flies to laid-up or moving tarpon. The Scientific Anglers Wavelength Tarpon fly line casts smoothly, has a delicate delivery and will load fly rods quickly. This tarpon fly line has a high-strength core for extra security when dealing with tarpon that grow beyond the baby tarpon size range.  Tropi-Core technology and a tangle-free design help keep this saltwater line from succumbing to tropical heat and hearty battles with the Silver King.

  • Designed specifically for presenting flies to laid-up or moving tarpon
  • Smooth casting, with a delicate delivery and tangle-free design
  • Stealthy color scheme for wary fish
  • Short head for quick rod loading
  • High-strength core to fight large fish
  • Tropi-Core™ technology for tropical climates
  • SA ID – SA MS TRP WF X F (X = line weight)

Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Fly Line Features

Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Fly Line Line Identification

Scientific Anglers Line Identification

Identify your line with ease. Look at the first 1-2 feet of the tip section of your line and you'll find the SA-ID.

Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Fly Line Shooting Tech Plus

Shooting Technology Plus

ST+ is an integreted slickness additive providing constant line slickness even with lear. Cast farther and float higher—for longer.

Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Fly Line Welded Loops

Welded Loops

Scientific Anglers' welded loops provide seamless line-to-loop transition. Softer landings. Cleaner pickups.

Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Fly Line Tropi-Core


Tropi-Core fly line withstands warm water environments with hard saltwater coating and species-specific tapers.

Tropical Floating and Slow Sinking Lines

The Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon fly line is perfect for saltwater fishing in hot, humid, tropical temperatures. Tropi-Core technology gives this fly line a high strength, durable core which makes it great for casting into strong tropical winds, fighting with large tarpon and other heavyweight species of tropical fish.

In addition, the design of this particular line makes it ideal for casting and using streamers. Streamers are great, all-around versatile flies that allow the fishermen to cover a large area of water. Due to their relative simplicity, streamers are the perfect beginner fly fishermen, yet effective enough that they are utilized by professionals everywhere.

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Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Fly Line Streamer Flies


Ideal for sub-surface flies imitating leeches, batfish, or any food that swims.

Scientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Fly Line Hot Temperatures


You need a special line for hot temperatures. The SA Mastery Tarpon fly line is build to perform in heat.

 TAPER DIAGRAMScientific Anglers Mastery Tarpon Fly Line Taper Diagram

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