Ballok's Musky Money

Part Number: MONEY


Dave Ballok's Musky Money fly is a large (About 11" long) fly fishing fly for fishing predators like pike and muskies. The Musky Money has a money swimming movement thanks to it's combination of bucktail, flash and articulation. The brown/tan/white color combination of Ballok's Musky Money imitates a number of forage species that predators feed on.  One of the most important being suckers for fly fishing muskies.  When the big flies need to come out for fly fishing pike and muskies, cash in with Ballok's Musky Money. 

Need Pike & Muskie Leaders?

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Beautiful action in the water. Big enough for a large Musky, but not bulky. Sinks pretty well with moderate sinking line.
- Michael Haddad

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