Lamson Liquid Fly Reels

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Lamson Liquid fly reels are an insanely good deal in fly fishing equipment.  This series of fly fishing reels from Lamson is one of the best fly fishing reels at this price point and contains some made in the USA content as well!  Ranging from line weight sizes 3wt to 10wt, Lamson Liquid fly fishing reels have got you covered from freshwater fly fishing trout to musky, panfish to bass.

In creating and designing the Lamson Liquid fly reel series, Lamson aimed to focus on what can be taken advantage of in using the pressure cast process of a building a fly fishing reel.  Aside from the high economical value, there are things structurally that can be done in casting that cannot be done when machining.  The Lamson Liquid reel's full radiused compound curves require casting and are not only attractive but sturdy and functional.  Fit and finish with precision is done with machining after the reel has been pressure cast.

The drag in the Lamson Liquid is the same Conical Drag design that has become one of the standards in fly fishing reel drag design.  All of the critical drag components in the Lamson Liquid are CNC-machined in the USA.  Lamson Liquid fly fishing reels are finished and assembled in Boise, ID by the Lamson team.

Need a fly fishing reel with extra spools? Take a look at the Lamson Liquid 3-pack for a killer deal on the Lamson Liquid fly fishing reel with additional spools.


** Liquid Spools also fit Remix HD and non-HD Remix Reels **


Liquid -3+   3.34"     0.99"        4.23 oz         3,4         WF4      100yds 20#
Liquid -5+   3.61"     1.00"        4.65 oz         5,6         WF6      100yds 20#
Liquid -7+   3.85"     1.14"        5.10 oz         7,8         WF8      200yds 20#
Liquid -9+   4.65"     1.37"        8.19 oz        9,10       WF10     250yds 30#

great reel, find out more in a couple weeks when dry flies are hatching
- larry
Purchase was simple and as expected. The reel is great. I just used it this weekend and landed 3 steelhead in the 7 lb class with flawless drag performance. Great reel for the price.
- robinsonckc
This is my 2nd lamson fly reel , there well built and a pleasure to use
- John Maxfield
Fly Fishers Response: Thanks John. Enjoy your Lamsons.
I love the Lamson Reels. This one replaced one that is now residing in the bottom Lake Beulah. Fly rod launched itself in the air, out of fast moving jon boat in 60' of water. I ordered the replacement the next day and the service was excellent. Sedure your fly rods in boats. Thanks for the great service.
- Tim L Troutt

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