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Chocklett's Body Wrap

Chocklett Body Wrap
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Product Number: HCBW
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Blaine Chocklett teamed up with Hareline Dubbin to produce Chocklett's Body Wrap - the perfect fly tying material for Blaine's killer fly patter, Chocklett's Game Changer.  This body material is surged on both sides for easier tapering and trimming; it also keeps the cut ends of this fly tying material in better condition in between flies.  Chocklett's Body Wrap is awesome for a variety of fly tying baitfish applications outside of the Game Changer as well. If you want to tie your own Game Changers we sell the Articulated Spines and recommend the Gamakatsu B10S #2/0 hook. Similar to but with fibers a little longer than CCT Body Fur or Hareline Dubbin's Minnow Body Wrap.  

Approximately 5.5 feet long.


quality product
Makes a solid game changer with relative ease.
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