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RIO InTouch Deep 3 Sinking Fly Line

RIO InTouch Deep 3 Fly Line Box
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Product Number: LINE-DEEP3
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RIO’s full sinking fly lines are some of the most incredible performing sinking lines available. ConnectCore brings crucial sensitivity to these full sinking lines with ultra-low stretch. RIO’s Density Compensation also keeps lines sinking level without hinging so that you get the most positive strike detection possible. Colored Hang Markers on each line also give anglers who fish the “hang” a visual spot to stop stripping. The best full sink lines available!

The RIO InTouch Deep 3 fly line utilizes their ConnectCore, a no-stretch fly line core design, to keep you connected to your fly and feeling even the most subtle strikes. The Type 3 fly fishing line has a 3 inch per second sink rate. A series of sinking lines that feature an increase in density at the front to ensure the line sinks tip first - aiding in bite detection and in setting the hook. These lines are made on a supple core for memory free performance and have a super smooth, tungsten impregnated coating that makes distance casting easy.  An essential line for the serious lake fly fisher. Getting down to deeper fish in lakes, especially during summer months, is an awesome application for catching trout on flies. Fly fishing for lake trout throughout the Great Lakes and northwoods of Wisconsin and Michigan is a great use for these fly lines. This is one of our favorite lines for some of the deep, clear lakes we fly fish for smallmouth bass on.  Chequamegon Bay smallmouth, Green Bay smallmouth, and Milwaukee Harbor smallmouth are all fish that see us using these full sink lines from Rio.  Anyone trying to get a fly deeper will benefit highly with one of these lines - floating fly lines have their time and place but so do these!  Allow yourself to reach fish you never could before with only floating lines.


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