Flymen Fishing Articulated Fish Spine Starter Pack (All Sizes) SALE

Part Number: FAFS
$6.40 (Reg. $9.15)


The Fish Skull Articulated Fish Spine Starter Pack is a system of interconnected articulated shanks that will allow you to tie bass flies and muskie flies as well as trout streamer flies that work like a crankbait. k The action is very life-like with these easy to use Fish Spines. You can use a variety of materials to form the bodies. One of our favorites is the CCT Body Fur. The Gamakatsu B10S is a perfect hook for these spines. Checkout all of the other great Flymen Fishing Company fly tying materials that we carry.

6 spines (24 pcs.) per pack

Starter pack includes all four sizes. This is the combination to use for Chocklett's Gamechanger Fly.




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