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RIO InTouch Pike/Musky Fly Line - Floating

RIO InTouch Pike Musky
RIO InTouch Pike Musky
RIO InTouch Pike Musky Floating Line Coil
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RIO Pike/Musky Floating Fly Line

Use this full floating version of the RIO InTouch Pike/Musky fly line for either surface flies like poppers and divers or for keeping subsurface flies up high in water column.

The most recent version of RIO's Pike/Musky fly lines now feature RIO's ConnectCore technology.  ConnectCore is a nearly zero-stretch core that will help solidify hook ups when pike and musky fly fishing. The RIO Pike/Musky Fly Line has been designed for the angler who wants to maximize his fly fishing for pike or fly fishing for musky experience. It is a fly line designed with a short head and a powerful front taper to cast large wind resistant pike flies and musky flies.

These line are heavier than the industry standard which will help you load the most powerful rods and also to cast the biggest pike flies and muskie flies. They also come with RIO's XS and AgentX technologies for great performance.

The RIO Pike/Musky fly lines will help you keep your flies in the water and to cover more water with less work. We really like these fly lines for chasing big toothy fish. They come with welded loops  for easy rigging especially when fly fishing muskies in cold temperatures. These Pike/Musky flines are a serious add to your pike and muskie fly fishing equipment.

Check out the RIO Pike/Musky fly fishing leaders too. These work great with the RIO Pike/Musky fly lines.

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