Airflo Streamer Max Short Fly Line

Part Number: LINE-SMAX

WF9F/S - 320 grain/Orange/Black Tip
WF10F/S - 380 grain/Orange/Black Tip

Airflo’s Streamer Max fly lines are some of the finest integrated sink tips around. The 13-18’ foot long sinking heads on these lines will get your flies down in the strike zone quicker. The sinking tips are capable of being custom cut.We use these lines from fishing suspended bluegills with the 5wt up to the 10wt to chase big fall muskies and everything in between. The taper design helps turn over big flies and deal with wind, while Airflo’s Ridge running line lets it shoot smoothly and with little friction. Streamer Max fly lines are built with Power Core technology, zero memory means more feel and improved hook sets.

Airflo Streamer Max Fly Lines are some of our favorite sink-tip fly lines.  These fly lines are good to fish out of the box or you can custom cut the tip to your preferred length - cut off about 6 inches at a time until you feel the line balances well.  Airflo Streamer Max Fly Lines are built on Airflo's Power Core and level sinking tip for the best connection and feel to your fly. Awesome fly line for streamer fishing trout, fly fishing bass deeper and launching large flies while fall fly fishing muskies.

Sinking Tip Length

5wt. - 13'
6wt. - 15'
7wt. - 15'
8wt. - 18'
9wt. - 18'
10wt. - 18'

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