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Our favorite fly reels for fly fishing marlin

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Echo Ion Fly Reel
Echo Ion Fly Reel REEL-EION $79.99 Free Shipping for Echo Ion Fly Reel
Hatch Iconic 11 Plus Fly Reel Clear Blue
Hatch Iconic Fly Reel 11 Plus NEW ICONIC11 $998.00 Free Shipping for Hatch Iconic Fly Reel 11 Plus NEW
Lamson Liquid Fly Fishing Reel Glaicer
Lamson Liquid Fly Reels NEW COLOR LIQUID $129.99 Free Shipping for Lamson Liquid Fly Reels
Redington Behemoth Fly Fishing Reel Bronze
Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel NEW COLOR $129.99 Free Shipping for Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel
Redington GRANDE Fly Reel Black
Redington GRANDE Fly Reel GRANDE $329.99 Free Shipping for Redington GRANDE Fly Reel
Redington Zero Fly Reel Sand Front
Redington ZERO Fly Reel ZERO $109.99 Free Shipping for Redington ZERO Fly Reel
Sage Thermo Fly Reel Champagne
Sage THERMO Fly Reel NEW THERMO $700.00 Free Shipping for Sage THERMO Fly Reel NEW

Here's the best fly reels for fly fishing marlin

These are our favorite fly reels for marlin fly fishing. Click through to each product to learn more about why. 

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