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Polish Quills may not be a real well known name but they produce some of the highest quality fly tying materials to be found. Polish Quills fly tying materials include high-graded CDC feathers, natural quills for great bodies and the very unique AcrySilk Dubbing.

Hand Stripped Peacock Quills, and High Grade Dubbing for Fly Tying

Polish Quills is a hidden gem for great fly tying materials and hand stripped, chemical free peacock quills for tying the best quality flies available. All of Polish Quill’s products are high-grade, yet feature an affordable price tag. Polish Quills has been the recipient of multiple worldwide awards, and The Fly Fishers is a proud online distributor of some of their top-notch products.

Polish Quills MaterialUses/Features
Stripped Peacock Quills Tying European style dry flies and nymphs
Polish Quills CDC Feathers Tying CDC Flies

Materials from Polish Quills are high-graded. They are dependable, long lasting, and designed to make your fly tying better.

Fly fishermen everywhere realize the satisfaction that comes with catching fish with your own flies. It is a great hobby to pick up to keep you connected to the sport, especially when you can't be on the water.

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