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Pike & Muskie Flies

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TK's Doctor Davis Deceiver TKDDD $7.99
Umpqua Pike Fly PIKE $10.99
Trick Or Treat Pike/Muskie Fly TOTF $9.99
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Jumbo Deer Hair Diver Bass Pike Musky Fly
Jumbo Deer Hair Diver JUMBO $7.99
Jungle Love Fly For Sale
Jungle Love JLUFM $9.99
Leftys Big Fish Deceiver Musky Pike Fly
Lefty's Big Fish Deceiver BFISH $6.99
Masons Baby Swallow Fishing Fly
Mason's Baby Swallow Fishing Fly MBSF $8.99
Mason Meat Market
Mason's Meat Market MMMF $6.99
Meat Whistle Barr Bass Fly
Meat Whistle Barr's MEAT $4.99
Merlins Beard Musky Fly Carp
Merlin's Beard Articulated Musky Fly MERLIN $16.99
Midnight Sun Pat Ehlers Fly for Pike, Musky & Bass
Midnight Sun Pat Ehlers' MSUN $6.99
Musky Killer Musky Fly MKMF $15.99
Musky Mash Musky Fly MMF $11.99
Musky Serpent Fly Jumbo Perch
Musky Serpent Musky Fly SRPNT $18.99
Seeker Pat Ehlers Bass Pike Fly
Pat Ehlers' Seeker SEEK $4.99
Peacock Agitator FPA $9.99
Pike/Tarpon Snake PTS $9.99
RIO Princess Slaya Bluegill
Princess Slaya Fly SLAYA $5.99
Prostitot Streamer Fly
Prostitot RPFF $9.99
Reducer Andersons Bass Musky Pike Fly
Reducer Anderson's REDU $9.99
Satkowski Devil Tail Orange Black
Satowski's Devil's Tail SDT $7.99
Sirons Girl Next Door muskie fly
Siron's Girl Next Door SGND $10.99
Skinny Dip Musky Pike Fly
Skinny Dip SKINDP $5.99
Skoks Super Mushy Musky Pike Fly
Skok's Super Mushy MUSH $9.99
Space Invader Fly Blood Bait
Space Invader INVADR $9.99
The Fly Fishers Pike & Musky Fly Assortment
The Fly Fishers' Pike and Musky Fly Assortment FLY-ASTPM $168.84 $139.99 Free Shipping for The Fly Fishers' Pike and Musky Fly Assortment
Orvis Guide To Muskies On The Fly
The Orvis Guide To Muskies On The Fly Book AUTOGRAPHED COPIES OGMTF $29.95
TK's Doctor Davis Deceiver TKDDD $7.99
TK El Dorado Deceiver Black Orange
TK's El Dorado Deceiver TKEDD $7.99
Todds Wiggle Minnow Bass Fly
Todd's Wiggle Minnow WIGMIN $5.99
Trick Or Treat Pike/Muskie Fly
Trick Or Treat Pike/Muskie Fly TOTF $9.99
Umpqua Pike Fly Red
Umpqua Pike Fly PIKE $10.99
Umpqua Swimming Baitfish Pike Musky Bass Fly
Umpqua Swimming Baitfish SBAIT $8.99
Whitlock's Waking Shad WWSHD $5.99
Whitlock's Waking Sunfish WWSUN $5.99

Pike & Muskie Flies for Sale from The Fly Fishers

Jared Catches These with the Best Northern Pike FliesWe specialize in warmwater flies at The Fly Fishers, so pike and muskie flies are right up our alley. These are some of the biggest and most challenging fish to catch, especially with a fly rod. They strike hard, jump and roll, which makes it all the more fun.

Pike and muskie return to the same location year after year to stalk their favorite prey--perch, walleye, minnows, frogs and even small ducklings. Once you know where they are, and what prey fish are in the area, you just need flies that mimic the look and movements of their prey. Deep water or shallow, The Fly Fishers has every type of pike and muskie fly you’ll need.

Here's a list of the 9 best musky flies we've got in stock for catching big trophies.
Here's the best pike flies we've got in our inventory.

Wisconsin has some of the greatest muskie fly fishing water on the planet, and we fish a lot of it. We also fly fish the trophy northern pike water of Alaska every year. In fact, Jared here at the shop guides for trophy pike in Alaska every summer, so we are proud of our pike and musky fly fishing knowledge.

Please contact us for tips and tricks for hunting pike and muskies in Wisconsin and elsewhere around the US.

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