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Fly Fishing Tarpon In Guanaja

Fly Fishing Tarpon In Guanaja

Here's a picture of Pat Ehlers' of The Fly Fishers and host of the trip with a tarpon in the fifty pound range. There are good numbers of tarpon at Guanaja and can be found in canals and lagoons around the islands as well as right in some of the small villages.One of the  group members jumped a tarpon that was an estimated ninety pounds!

Anglers will want to bring a 10 weight saltwater fly rod along for fly fishing tarpon. Pat actually used a fly rod he designed for warmwater fly fishing for Tim Rajeff at Echo Fly Rods. the 10 weight Echo Edge 84. While this size was designed for large pike and muskies it can handle baby tarpon up to this size quite well. We also brought a number of othe saltwater fly rods to play with that included the 10 weight Sage TCX, Loomis NRX and Winston BIIIX. They all performed very well. He used the same nine foot rods for permit too.

Pat used a Lamson Velocity #4 fly reel for all of his permit and tarpon fishing. For a relatively inexpensive fly reel it did a great job. It Hard Alox finish took a beating and came out without a mark.

For flies he threw a variety of tarpon and general purpose saltwater streamer flies that all worked.

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