Waterworks Lamson Vanquish Fly Reel

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Waterworks Lamson Vanquish Fly Reel

The Lamson Vanquish fly fishing reel is the result of their quest to create the end-all be-all fly fishing reel.  The design started with a drag system that is super smooth, much larger and twice as strong as previous designs. Because of this increased torque a new, much stiffer frame was created as well.  The Vanquish fly fishing reel flaunts a fully sealed, zero maintenance drag, large and ergonomic handle, "Hard Alox" finish and an integrated foot/frame that is stronger and makes casting fly fishing flies easier.   The Vanquish fly fishing reel is available in sizes that accommodate 8-12 weight fly fishing rods.  A ridiculously good reel for salt water fly fishing. Take it fly fishing for bonefish in the Bahamas, fly fishing snook in the Everglades, fly fishing tarpon in Mexico, and even offshore fly fishing in blue water.  Also excellent reels for fly fishing steelhead and fly fishing salmon.

Other innovative Vanquish features include:

-An integrated foot/frame is stronger than traditional fastened-on foot

-Flush foot raises the center of mass, improving casting ease and accuracy

-Machined-from-solid, modular stainless stripping arm on V12 and V10

-Lamson's proprietary “Hard Alox” finish

-Large, ergonomic, self lubricating no-slip handle

-Tandem roller clutch transmits higher torque and provides redundancy

-Fully sealed, zero maintenance drag components

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*The "LT" models have lighter, open spoke spools.

VANQUISH 4.5 LT* 3.3" 1.25" 3.50 oz 4,5 WF 4 100 yds 20#    
VANQUISH 5.6 LT* 3.5" 1.25" 3.80 oz 5,6 WF 6 100 yds 20#    
VANQUISH 7.8 LT* 3.8" 1.375" 5.10 oz 7,8 WF 7 150 yds 20#    
VANQUISH 8 LT* 4.1" 1.5" 7.30 oz 8 WF 8 220 yds 20#    
VANQUISH 10 LT* 4.5" 1.5" 10.10 oz 10 WF10 220 yds 30#    
VANQUISH 12 LT* 4.7" 1.5" 10.70 oz
175 yds 30#