Lamson Litespeed IV Fly Reel

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Lamson Litespeed IV Fly Reel

The Lamson Litespeed IV Fly Reel is the upgraded version of the Lamson Litespeed 3 Series fly reel. The reel has been re-designed with an even highr retrieve ratio, better ergonomics and easier line management than before. Better retrieve ratio also makes for a reel that pins slower going out when a fish runs. The curved arbor allows for more backing capacity, a lighter fly reel and a stronger spool.

The spool/stripping arm design makes prevents line snags within the reel and also prevents fly line damage. Simply put, this is a great fly reel for the money.

*Series IV spools are not compatible with previous model Litespeeds.

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 MODEL       DIA.      WIDTH      WEIGHT     ROD WT.     LINE        CAPACITY

  1.5           3.25"      1.10"       3.38oz       3,4,5           WF4        100yds 20#
  2              3.50"      1.10"       3.74oz       4,5,6           WF6        100yds 20#
  3              3.75"      1.25"       4.63oz       6,7,8           WF8        225yds 20#
  3.5           4.00"      1.38"       5.10oz         8,9            WF9        250yds 20#
  4              4.50"      1.50"       7.95oz       10,11          WF10       250yds 30#