Lamson Speedster Fly Reel

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Lamson Speedster Fly Reel

A super large arbor and narrower spool make the Speedster and ultra- high retrieve rate reel. Like all Lamson reels, the Speedster is built around Lamson’s super smooth and zero maintenance conical drag system. Fully machined for being light while staying strong and stable. We really dig the Speedster’s performance and high-retrieve rate for picking up line quickly when fishing the flats for extremely fast saltwater species or large trout in fast flowing Western rivers. Wherever you take it, your Lamson Speedster will keep you smiling! Made in the USA.

This reel from Waterworks/Lamson features a super-high retrieve rate courtesy of a narrow spool, an inboard mounted handle and a significantly larger outer diameter. The narrow spool helps keep the line in check, while the added circumference and the handle placed closer to the center of the reel increase the retrieve rate. A new frame proportion to the line built around the time-tested Waterworks Lamson drag and “Hard Alox” finish do make quite a hotrod of a reel! USA built.

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  MODEL                    DIA.             WIDTH            WEIGHT         ROD WT      LINE          CAPACITY

Speedster 1               3.1"               .088"               3.40oz           2,3,4          WF3           35yds 20#
Speedster 1.5            3.5"               .095"               3.90oz             3,4           WF4          100yds 20#
Speedster 2               3.75"             .095"               4.20oz             5,6           WF6          100yds 20#
Speedster 3               4.0"               1.05"               4.70oz           6,7,8          WF7          150yds 20#
Speedster 3.5            4.4"               1.15"               5.70oz             8,9           WF9          200yds 20#
Speedster 4               4.8"               1.25"               8.50oz           10,11         WF10        250yds 30#