Big Eye Baitfish Roger's

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Big Eye Baitfish Roger's

This Big Eye Batfish Rogers Fly is an awesome saltwater fly pattern that is also great for catching Wisconsin muskies and smallmouth bass. Tied on an ultra-premium Tiemco 600SP fly hook, Roger's Big Eye Baitfish has the sharpness and muscle to deal with big tarpon and pike and muskies.

Tied by master fly tyer Page Rogers, this fly is what you’ll want for larger fish which are looking for a bulkier meal. It pushes water and has a big, reflecting eye. The Big Eye Batfish Rogers Fly looks alive and acts alive. Fish are attracted to its flashy appearance and lively movement. You’ll hook what strikes because of the super-sharp (and also super-strong) Tiemco 600 SP hook. You’d expect the strength since this fly was originally tied for saltwater game fish. But you’ll really appreciate its strength on a northern lake because big muskies like this fly, too!

The general pattern of this fly has proved to be very and popular. It just has what it takes to attract bigger fish. Many bass fly fishermen have gotten great results. You can be confident going for big fish. This is a strong fly, sharp and muscular. You can trust this fly because Ms. Rogers is a recently retired ordained minister, now living in Connecticut. Job responsibilities caused her to drop out for a while, but now she’s thinking about getting back into fly tying. She’s developed some fantastic designs, including the Slim Jim and Rogers Sand Eel.

Many saltwater fly fishers report excellent results, especially when going for striped bass and even tarpon. Page was often a featured speaker at fly fishing shows. Snag a big one with her Big Eye Batfish Rogers Fly and let her know. She’ll be glad to hear it. So will we!

The Fly Fishers Bait Shop is proud to offer one of America’s finest selections of top-performing fly fishing flies, including the distinct and effective flies from Page Rogers.

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