Beadhead Crystal Bugger

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Beadhead Crystal Bugger

The Beadhead Crystal Bugger is an all-around fly pattern for panfish, trout and bass fly fishing. Make sure your fly fishing tackle includes an assortment of these.

This is a flashier version of the wooly bugger. It’s a tremendously effective fly fishing streamer pattern, good for any type and size of fish in any type or size of water. It attracts all sorts of larger fish. It has an undulating motion. The marabou tail is especially attractive to steelheads in the spring. The bead head is another plus. The bead head provides the weight to get the fly into deep pools or eddies where the big steelheads lurk.

This fly is simple to fish. During cold weather, just cast upstream and let the fly float drag-free downstream. Cold weather makes fish sluggish. But they are always eating. You’ll have to float this bugger right by them. They’ll hit it if they don’t think they’ll expend too much energy doing it. Going slow will keep the fly in the trout’s strike zone for a longer, more enticing period of time.

When the weather is warmer, you can fish with a faster action. Trout will chase this fly. If you strip more aggressively, the Beadhead Crystal Bugger will skip right across the surface like a smooth stone. Fish will love it. The nice thing about fly fishing with this pattern is its versatility. You can use it for any type of fish. Panfish, trout, bass -- it doesn’t matter. They’ll like this fly. It’s why you’ll like this fly!

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