Autumn Splendor

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Autumn Splendor

The Autumn Splendor from Tim Heng is a very effective sub surface fly we love to use on large brown trout when we are streamer fishing in the fall. Give them a try on smallmouth too. 

This fly is lovingly referred to as a “money bug” by lots of fly fishermen. It’s a streamer created over 20 years ago and it’s been producing ever since. It really works. Maybe it’s too ugly to not look delicious! It oscillates constantly, looking incredibly lifelike. It’s a great addition to your fly fishing gear.

You’ll do well when you strip along banks. If the stream is deeper or fast-moving, you can add a bb above the cone to get more depth. Vary your retrieve. Trout are finicky. Some days, they like fast, long strips. The next day, they’ll be attracted to a slow, jerky retrieve. Do whatever works.

It’s interesting this sub-surface bass fly is very close to the color of a crawfish. Maybe it’s why the Autumn Splendor streamer works so well on bass. When it comes right down to it, we don’t care why it works so well. All we know is it does!

Tim Heng is a great guy. He really knows what he’s doing when it comes to fly fishing. He manages the Taylor Creek Fly Shop in Colorado. He’s a popular guide and his design of the Autumn Splendor streamer is a big reason why. It’s one of the favorite fly fishing streamers in the entire nation. Fly fishermen use it everywhere.

It has another unique quality. When fish strike, you snag ‘em. They don’t nudge it or check it out. They chomp on it. When Tim first designed this fly, he had gone out with a friend who was fishing a fly with these same approximate colors. His friend got a lot of strikes but no fish. Tim went right home and dreamed up this wonderful creation. Same colors, different design.

The Fly Fishers Bait Shop is proud to offer the Autumn Splendor. And you’ll be darn glad to have it! 

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