Pat Ehlers' Signature Bass Fly Assortment

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Pat Ehlers' Signature Bass Fly Assortment

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Are you looking for a good catch? Here’s one!

The Pat Ehlers' Signature Bass Fly Assortment gives you nine of the hottest, bass-catching-est flies to ever hit the water. Pat was really thinking like a fish when he tied these gorgeous bass flies, each appealing to the eyes and appetites of everything under the water. This kit contains a copy of just about everything – and anything – bass might be munching on at any given time.

This is a selection of the signature flies that Pat Ehlers has designed to catch smallmouth and largemouth bass. The fly fishing patterns cover the water column from the top to bottoms.

Ehlers' Articulated Diver goes down to meet ‘em where they live. It’s a tantalizing meal which floats right by. Fish it low and slow. 

The Grim Reaper is aptly named. It’s one of Pat Ehlers' most successful bass fly patterns. It’s great for fly fishing for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. But don’t be too surprised if musky, pike or steelheads show up. This fly looks good to everything! We think it’s the tantalizing tail.

The Ehlers' Foamtail Superworm has two great attributes. It looks delicious, for one. But it is also virtually weedless with the hook riding straight up. You can also fish it off the bottom, just high enough for every bass to see it. Bass think it’s unfair. We don’t care!

Next comes the Ehlers' Furball which could make you a champion! One TV fly fishing host used this fly to win three consecutive Redbone redfish tournaments! The silver color is the most effective for smallmouth bass. This is fly fishing at its best.

The Ehler’s Sunfish, Crazi-Craw, J-Pig, Long Strip Crayfish. They’re also here, all included in one super affordable package. This is the most cost effective and highest quality package you’ll find this year! 

Included in this bass fly assortment is one of our custom Cliff Bass Barn fly boxes. Patterns included (1 ea.) in the Pat Ehlers' Signature Bass Fly Assortment are:

  • Ehlers' Articulated Diver (Chart/White)
  • Ehlers' Grim Reaper (Root Beer)
  • Ehlers' Foamtail Superworm (Purple)
  • Ehlers' Furball (Silver)
  • Ehlers' Laser Minnow (Shad)
  • Ehlers' Sunfish
  • Ehlers' Crazi-Craw (Rust Orange)
  • Ehlers' j-Pig (Chart/White)
  • Ehlers' Long Strip Crayfish (Olive)

Don’t pass this up! We guarantee fish won’t!

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