Sage VXP Fly Fishing Rod 6-10 Weights

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Sage VXP Fly Fishing Rod 6-10 Weights

The Sage Rod-VXP610 fly fishing rod is a four piece, versatile fly fishing power rod. Trust the Sage VXP series to deliver top of the line speed for your fly fishing activities. This lightweight rod has properties of a large fishing rod. This versatile series is designed with tapers and weights ranging from 3 to 10. Check out this 3 to 4 weight rod for smooth action to secure light tippets. Use 9 to 10 weights for the fastest action tapers to fight wind and deliver larger flies for larger fish species. This Sage VXP 6 -10 weight rod is great for bass, trout, silver salmon and many other saltwater species. All VXP series rod have an unconditional lifetime warranty to save you money on product damages. Whether you need a fly fishing rod with smooth or aggressive action, choose from the Sage VXP selection.

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