Sage TXL-F Fly Fishing Rod 3-4 Weights

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Sage TXL-F Fly Fishing Rod 3-4 Weights

The Fly Fishers Shop carries Sage TXL-F Fly Fishing Rods are an upgrade from the original Sage TXL line. The TXL-F series enhances your small water fly fishing performance. This 3-4 weight Sage TXL-F rod package is great for small streams, lakes and rivers. Use these smaller weight rods for many species including trout, panfish, and smallmouth bass. The Sage TXL-F series features Generation 5 Technology to eliminate unnecessary material, making these rods easy to carry. Use the bronze power coated tube and black cloth bag to protect and transport your Sage TXL-F rods. The ergonomic handle features a snub-nose and half-wells grip to prevent hand injury. The Micro-Ferrule technology enhances sensitivity for light action. Count on the Sage TXL-F Fly Fishing Rod series to take you through creeks, farm tanks, rivers and lakes. 

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All are 4-piece: Built in Bainbridge Island, WA-USA : Unconditional lifetime warranty 

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