Sage TXL-F Fly Fishing Rod 000-2 Weights

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Sage TXL-F Fly Fishing Rod 000-2 Weights

This Sage TXL-F Fly Fishing 000-2 weight rods are great for smaller water fly fishing. Use these three pack rods for trout, smallmouth bass, and any other species meant for tiny flies. The TLX-F series features moderate to fast action for smaller waters. The ultra-light tippets make for smoother action in streams, creeks, beaver ponds, small rivers and lakes. The Sage TXL-F Fly Fishing Rods are a step up from the original TXL Sage series. All rods are made of four easy to assemble pieces. Fly fishers love the Sage TXL-F series for its Generation 5 Technology. The G5 ensure these rods are lightweight by eliminating unnecessary material while designing. You’ll have an easy time carrying and moving your TXL-F rods with the 1 5/8” aluminum tube and black bag. The Sage TXL-F rods are designed for ergonomic efficiency. The half wells grip and snub nose minimize risk of hand injury better than the average brand. Trust TXL-F Fly Fishing Rod series when you’re looking for the ultimate lightweight, sensitive freshwater rods.

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All are 4-piece: Built in Bainbridge Island, WA-USA: Unconditional lifetime warranty

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