Sage Method ELITE 590-4 (5wt. 9'0" 4pc.)

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Sage Method ELITE 590-4 (5wt. 9'0" 4pc.)


What better way to introduce a whole new family of rods than to include their world-savvy patriarch? Already dressed in an elegant red befitting royalty, Sage has given the METHOD Elite further refinements that might have your guide thinking about rolling out a red carpet leading to the boat. Sage used a titanium reel seat, stripping guide and other components for added levels of sophistication and durability. This is a rod that will carry you to the world’s most remote and glamorous waters, so Sage has added an extra (spare) tip so that you’re ready for the unexpected. It’s good to be royalty. 

Sage's Method fly rods bring ultra-fast action and feel together unlike any other rod we've cast before.  Sage's Konnetic Technology, found first in the Sage One fly rods, creates a hyper-light, ultra-strong yet exceptionally responsive casting fly rod.  Like all Sage fly rods, the Methods are made in the USA and feature the Sage unconditional lifetime warranty.

You didn’t become an expert caster just to say you did. And you didn’t do it overnight, either. You practiced, fished hard, and got better because you wanted to catch more fish, more often. You paid your dues, and you met the fish on their own terms, which meant getting the fly out to places they felt the safest: out of the range of merely average casts. Fast action rods have always been a part of your success, and the new METHOD gives you more of what you love most. Like our fastest line speeds to punch through the wind and to carry the biggest, bulkiest, heaviest flies in your box out to where they can strut their stuff.

  • All-water
  • Ultra-fast action
  • Konnetic technology
  • Magma red shaft color
  • Rust primary thread wraps with Pewter trim wraps
  • Titanium Components: Reel seat, Stripping guide, Winding check
  • Larger, heavier duty, hard chromed snake guides - easier to shoot line and clear tangles
  • 5 weight - Snub-nose, half-wells grip
  • Extra (spare) tip
  • Black rod bag with Magma colored silkscreen
  • Fusion Red powder coated aluminum rod tube with gloss black end caps