Winston Boron IIIX Fly Rods - 7-10 Weights

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Winston Boron IIIX Fly Rods - 7-10 Weights

The latest series of boron fly rods from Winston is found in the super capable Winston Boron IIIX Fly Rods.  This third generation of the boron/graphite composite allows for more power and feel with less weight.  The heavier-duty upper half of rod weights make for excellent freshwater fly fishing and saltwater fly fishing fly rods.  Fly fish for steelhead, bonefish, redfish and bass with the 7 and 8 weights or bump up to the 10 weight Boron IIIX for baby tarpon, permit, big snook and pike and muskies.  Built in Twin Bridges, MT.

Winston tech advisor Joan Wulff describes the Boron IIIX fly rods, "Boron IIIx rods are an amazing combination of speed, power and Winston smoothness."  Included too is the new super lightweight graphite rod tube.