Jared's Outlaw

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Jared's Outlaw

Jared’s Outlaw flies are great for attracting the biggest and most difficult pike and muskies. This fly is over 9" long and is easy to cast for a fly of it's size - the profile is a killer for fly fishing pike and musky.  This series has a solid track record for catching Alaskan pike and Brazilian peacock bass with exceptional durability and castablility. Choose from attractive and effective color patterns including orange/black, olive/yellow and purple in size 3/0 for large fish.

Jared on the Outlaw pike and musky fly, "When I originally started coming up with this fly pattern for pike and muskies my main goals were to create a fly with a large and effective profile that was still easy to cast.  A choice selection of primarily sythentic materials and use of magnum flashabou did just that.  I've personally fished this fly from Wisconsin to Alaska for large muskies and pike, and I've seen the success other fly anglers have had all over the place in their pursuits.  Give my "Jared's Outlaw" pike and musky fly a shot!"

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