Flymen Fishing Articulated Shank

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Flymen Fishing Articulated Shank

CatImages/fish_skull_articulated_shanks.jpgArticulated Shanks from the Fish Skull fly tying folks are an extremely easy way to turn your flies into articulated fly patterns giving them lots of added action. These are stainless steel shanks that can be used in saltwater and come in 3 sizes for use on fly tying hooks from #4 up to #3/0. This will save you tying time and keep you from having to sacrifice expensive hooks to build articulated shanks from. This is a great way to increase the overall length of you flies while reducing the leverage that a hooked fish has with a longer shanked fly tying hook.

20 Shanks per pack.

These Fish Skull Shanks can also be used with the Fish Skull Heads and Sculpin Helmets.