Flymen Fishing Fly Tester

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Flymen Fishing Fly Tester

Incredibly cool fly tying and designing tool!  The Fish-Skull Fly Tester from the Flymen Fishing Company brings a super convenient fly testing tool to your home fly tying bench.  The acrylic tank is designed to move multiple types of flies - the bi-directional water flow design creates a lower, middle and upper section.  The included water pump is powerful and adjustable to tweak water flow rates for a ton of different flies.  Weighing in at a super reasonable 8lbs, the Fish-Skull Fly Tester is light and portable while not taking up a ton of room.  The dimensions of the Fly Tester is 12' high x 3.5" wide x 24" long.  A focused flow tube in the lower section of the tank allows you to test streamers up to about 12" long - awesome for big pike and musky flies as well as saltwater fly fishing streamers.  

Fish-Skull's Fly Tester is a unique and effective way to design better fly fishing flies.  No more waiting to take freshly-tied flies out, see how they move right at home.  Also a cool designing tool used to take videos of your fly tying creations for your own reference or a little bit of social media and online sharing.

NOTE: Fish-Skull Fly Testers carry a 1 year warranty that covers the pump and tank (leakage only).  This is typically a special order item that may have a few additional days needed for shipping.