DC Dodger Kit - Convertible Fly System

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DC Dodger Kit - Convertible Fly System

The DC Dodger Kit is a super cool deal, a convertible fly system that gives you three ways to fish.  A Zara Spook style surface bait, a subsurface tube streamer, or a subsurface tube streamer that darts back and forth.  These various styles of use give you a range of options that are great for fly fishing bass, fly fishing muskies and pike, and saltwater fly fishing.

Check out this video to see what the DC Dodger is all about.

The DC Dodger Kit contains:

1 Large Dodger Disk
1 Small Dodger Disk
Special 3/32" Hard Tubing
Silicon Junction and Cavity Tubing
Ballasts Weight Wire
Tail Support Hollow Tubing
Tying Tube Mandrel