Glommer Hopper - Fly Tying Material Package

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Glommer Hopper - Fly Tying Material Package

Everything you need to tie the Glommer Hopper fly.  It is an excellent pattern for fly fishing trout, fly fishing panfish, and fly fishing bass.  Great hopper fly for fly fishing summer trout in Montana and fly fishing bass.  Check out how to tie this fly fishing fly under the Fly Tying section of our Video Blog.

Package Includes:


Rainy's 2mm Foam (White)
Rainy's 2mm Foam (Brown)
Krystal Flash (Copper)
Rainbow Shimmer Legs
Elk Hair Body (Dark, Cow)
Holographic Tinsel (Med. - Red)

Danville's Waxed Fly Master Plus Thread


Daiichi 1750 Hooks (Size 6 - 25pk.)