Airflo SuperDri Xceed Fly Line

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Airflo SuperDri Xceed Fly Line

I reach for the SuperDri Xceed fly line when I’m fishing with fast action fly rods. They are built with a slightly heavier weight forward head and a taper that is condensed. This design makes it a great line for casting into the wind and making higher line speeds. 

What is it?

Super-Dri is the first flyline to take advantage of a wave of new nano-engineered hydrophobic materials.  The guys at Airflo like to think of it as super-teflon.  I prefer to think of it as super-awesome.  Originally Airflo designed the Super-Dri lines to take advantage of the water repulsion properties of the new material and make the line float higher.  What they didn’t anticipate was the legion of other benefits.   The amount of line you can pick up and mend is unreal.  The lines don’t just repel water—they repel dirt and scum as well.  The lines feel slick all day, even in the grimiest of water.  And best of all, Super-Dri lines float even better than Pamela Anderson .

ZONE technology

But Airflo didn’t stop there.  Using the capabilities of their new machinery, Airflo added ZONE technology to the Super-Dri lines.  The idea behind Zone is simple—supple lines rock out with their socks out and have many benefits, except when it comes to the haul zone.   The suppler the line is, the more resistant it is to the double haul through the guides, especially when it gets warm outside.   By changing the hardness of the coating in the Zone area, compression is reduced during the haul resulting in superior line speed and greater shoot-ability across a wide temperature range.