Airflo Pat Ehlers' Bass Muskie Fly Line

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Airflo Pat Ehlers' Bass Muskie Fly Line

I was flattered to have Tim Rajeff owner of Echo Fly Rods and the exclusive distributor and chief design engineer of Airflo Fly Lines ask me to design a new Bass/Muskie taper fly line for Airflo. Tim and Airflo gave me the resources to design the line I had always wanted. The taper of this fly line is short and compact to make fly casting large flies easy. There is a longer rear taper to give the line more accuracy. It has welded loops on both ends for ease in attaching both leaders and backing and the line size is welded into the front loop for ease of identification. A color change in the line identifies the head length. This unique taper of the Ridge Bass/Musky will sustain line speed all the way through the cast, improving accuracy and lessening the effects of cross or head wind. There are ridges thast run the length of the line which decreases friction in the guides and allows for use across a wide range of temperatures. The ridged construction along with a thicker running line also keeps the running line from tangling on the boat deck. If you are fly fishing for bass or fly fishing for muskies and pike this line will make your fly fishing easier.

Pat Ehlers

These lines are available in in WF6F, WF7F, WF8F, WF9F, WF10F to cover all of your warm-water flyfishing needs from panfish to muskies.