Ostrich Marabou

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Ostrich Marabou

Don’t just go fly fishing” – go catching!  With these gorgeous and surprisingly strong Ostrich Feathers from The Fly Fishers.  Good for either wet or dry flies, they are versatile.  Great for heads, legs, tails.  Even for tails on streamers.

Ostrich Marabou are pretty much the same size as turkey marabou and also known as spey plumes. We like them for steelhead flies and as a bass fly tying material. They also make a good substitute for filoplume feathers used in flies like Hexagenia Nymphs. The long, large quill makes for lively, life-like movement.

Everybody knows these feathers are beautiful. Fish, on the other hand, think they are delicious!

Whatever you need...whatever the fish want...order it from The Fly Fishers!