Wapsi Dry Fly Rooster Necks

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Wapsi Dry Fly Rooster Necks

If you’re just starting out tying flies, Dry Fly Rooster Necks can be your perfect choice.  Easy to use (and afford!), they product a beautiful effect, floating across the surface – dancing all the way.  This could very easily be your first big catch with your own fly!  Dry Fly Rooster Necks are a perfect combination of ease and effectiveness.

Dry Fly Rooster Necks are inexpensive hackle indian necks with some pretty nice hackles and stiff barbs. These are a great value, especially for the beginning fly tyer.

Fly fishing is always fun.  But it’s hard to imagine the thrill and satisfaction of producing a fish-catching fly without any help from Mother Nature! Order your Dry Fly Rooster Necks (and anything else you need!) from The Fly Fishers today.

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