Marabou Tip Dyed

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Marabou Tip Dyed

You don’t have to be an expert to create a beautiful, life-like fly.  And large marabou from The Fly Fishers is proof.  Historically, there probably isn’t a better big-fish item available.  It literally has fly-tying limitless fly-tying uses.  Bodies, wing, tails – you name it, you can tie it.

This large marabou is hand-dyed to present a unique bi-color appearance. These fly tying feathers are great for bass and pike streamer flies. The color selection in this marabou also makes them great for steelhead and salmon fly fishing flies.

In the water, your fly will almost breathe as it dances along.  Even the laziest (or dumbest) fish in the pond is not going to let this go by.  You’ll love it.  Fish will, too.

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