Marabou Jailhouse

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Marabou Jailhouse

What more appropriate way to lock up Big Fish than with Jailhouse Marabou!  Steelheads will want to steal them!  Bass will want to blast them! Salmon, too!

Jailhouse Marabou is a high-quality marabou with a unique looking barred pattern.  This makes the Jailhouse Marabou an excellent fly tying material for adding some flair to bass flies or some contrast to steelhead and salmon flies.  Regular marabou is a cool fly tying material, Jailhouse Marabou is a really cool fly tying material!

You can get as creative as you’d like.  Turn Jailhouse Marabou  like hackle, or position as wings over the hook shank. These patterns make it possible for you to create fabulously effective patterns.  You’ll them.  Fish will, too.

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