Hareline Marabou Blood Quills

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Hareline Marabou Blood Quills

Fish this wonderful marabou anyway you like, anywhere you go.  Dead drift, jigging, steady retrieve.  It’s real hard not to fish it right.  Trout, salmon, sunfish, bass -- they love its fuzziness, softness, density.  They don’t particularly care for the hook, though.

With Wooly Bugger Marabou you can create the perfect bugger when combined with our Crystal Antron Chenille. This marabou is shorter & fuller than the Strung Marabou. This marabou creates bulk and movement. Pat Ehlers’ Sunfish bass bug from Rainy’s Flies uses it for the entire wing. The added action it creates works great on this largemouth bass fly. Marabou fly tying feathers are a staple fly tying material.

If you’re not afraid of big fish, this marabou’s for you!

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