Echo Ion Fly Reel

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Echo Ion Fly Reel

Echo Ion Fly Reel Models: ION23, ION45, ION67, ION79, ION810, & ION1012

Echo Ion Reels are the best fly reel under $100 that we have found. The Echo Ion Fly Reels are made of cast aluminum and then machined to help give them some of the benefits of fully machined reels.  Coming in a capable range of sizes, the Echo Ion Fly Reels will have you covered from fly fishing trout to casting two-handed rods while fly fishing steelhead. Although these fly fishing reels are designed primarily for freshwater fly fishing, they can be used during saltwater fishing as long as extra attention is taken to clean and lube the reel after each day of use. The Echo Ion Fly Reel is really an excellent fly fishing reel.

Echo Ion Reels Features:

  • Maintenance-free Rulon disc drag with low start-up resistance
  • Backlash-free, instant drag reaction from one-way roller clutch bearing
  • Positive position click drag knob
  • Lightweight, hybrid design balances with lighter rods
  • Incoming/outgoing audible click
  • Durable solid alloy construction
  • Fast line pickup large arbor spool

Echo Ion Model Specs

2.9" .9" WF3+75/20
ION45 3.4" 1.2" WF5+150/20
ION67 3.7" 1.2" WF7+150/20
1.3" WF8+200/20
ION810 3.9" 1.5" WF8/9+200/20
ION1012 4.7" 1.5" WF9/10+250/30


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